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Government Trash.

So the other day a friend of mine said to me: “Isn’t it nice that the government takes your trash for you KT? Don’t you like that the government takes care of that for you?” I’m sorta paraphrasing, but it was right along those lines. And I stopped talking for a second, (rare) and pondered this. I thought “Yeah… I guess?” Then I thought more and  then I thought more… and I thought actually no! While on the surface it seems wonderful that the government takes your trash for you, this means there are a whole lot of things you aren’t allowed to do with your trash. For example:

1. You will get fined if your trash can does not have a city permit on it

2. Should anyone find out, you will get fined if there is broken glass in your trash that is not securely wrapped.

3. You can’t start a compost without a government approved compost container.

4. You will get a citation if you don’t bring your trash can in the day the garbage is collected.

5. You will also get a citation if your trash is put out before 7 pm on the night before collection.

6. Your trash can must be in the street, not on the curb, sidewalk, or grass or the truck won’t pick it up. Some places it must be on the curb, some places it must be on the sidewalk,  etc…

7. You must put your trash only in the can specified and permitted for you.

And those are just a few of the things you can’t do. If we were putting our trash out for private companies, they would set the rules, not the government. You wouldn’t need ridiculous permits or permission to compost in your own contianers.

Another reason I don’t like it is the fact that government-run programs are rarely the best option. Government-run programs eliminate competition on pricing, manpower, and service. A free-market economy is made up of private and/or public corporations providing goods and services at a price that the current market can support. When government does the work, you have none of that competition. As the number of trash removal options go up, the price of trash removal goes down. You would be paying less, and you’d have less things you weren’t allowed to do.

 You may have been sleeping during Econ. 101, but the best way to stimulate a failing economy is to encourage competition and growth in the free market place. Adding trash to the mix as another sector would be healthy. The more functions and programs that can be done by the private sector, the better. Then the government can get back to its orginal and arguably only purpose, protecting our rights. Privatize garbage disposal, millions of jobs are created and it is one less service we have to pay the government to provide for us. Now if only the people working in the government would pull their heads out of their asses and realize it. And so no, M Cat, I don’t like that the government takes my trash! Haha