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My Presidential Picks

With  GOP race shaping up to be sorta of a “meh” occasion, and President Obama being a monumental failure in every sense of the word, I have decided to compile a list of candidates I feel would make wonderful Presidents. I sometimes wish the media would stop shoving just one potential candidate down our throats, and allow us to see a broader field of options. So without further ado, my candidates.

1) John Stossel.

I will make no secret of it, I love John Stossel. He is so blunt, so logical and so straight to the point. He get’s the facts and he figures out solutions to many a problem. I posted an article he wrote on the Fox Opinions column in which he balanced the budget and even created a surplus by eliminating unnecessary spending and government-run and funded programs. Illegal Everything is one of my favorite recent broadcasts; two girls had their lemonade stand shut down by some police officers. They were told it was because they didn’t know who the lemonade was made by, how it was made or what it was made with. As Stossel would say, Give Me A Break! So Mr. Stossel decided to try and open his own stand the legal way and needless to say the process was stressful, difficult, and completely ridiculous. Washington says they support business and entrepreneurs alike, but bureaucrats have a created a ridiculous and regulated system making it difficult for businesses to start. And I quote Stossel;  “There are so many incomprehensible rules that even the bureaucrats can’t tell you what’s legal. In the name of public safety, politicians strangle opportunity.” LOVE! He would eliminate rules and regulations that stifle business growth. He believes what I believe about the military and foreign policy. Cut spending on foreign conquests and focus on strengthening our borders and country within. A strong and protected America makes it harder to fall victim to attacks and foreign threats. I could go on and on about the things Stossel and I agree on and the reason why I’d vote for him in a heart beat but to sum it up; he is all for the government loosening its hold on citizen’s lives. A smooth flowing free market, opportunities’ for growth, freedom to make our own decisions, and cold hard common sense are some things we’d enjoy under a Stossel Presidency.

2) Mike McCarthy.

Mike McCarthy can be president because I have never seen anyone as good at getting a group of people to love each other as much as the players on the Green Bay Packers. He found a way to create fierce loyalty and companionship with his team and fellow coaches. This is cooperation and understanding between player and coach, and head coach and assistant coaches. Now, if he were president perhaps he could apply the skills he’s used to create the loyalty and cooperation on the Packers to create some sort of agreement between the conservatives and liberals, the House and Congress, and the White House and anyone! McCarthy also took over a team that was struggling ad progressively made changes, improvements, and sensible decisions until the entire team had improved.  In 2007, McCarthy was voted the Motorola NFL Coach of the Year after getting two Coach of the Week awards .He was also named the NFL Alumni’s Coach of the Year by a group of former players. That love and loyalty! And to top it off, in 2008 he got the distinguished service award at the Lee Remmel sports awards banquet in Green Bay. We need someone who can get the whole country together and working towards a common goal, Mike’s the perfect option!

3) Albus Dumbledore.

I think the reasons for this pick should be quite obvious. Albus is extremely wise (a genius really,) widely loved and slightly off his rocker. All three things I find to be necessary traits to a great President. Albus has a killer instinct, he is always right about his hunches and his personal solutions to problems are always correct. Although there is someone in particular who does not always want to hear it (Ahem, Harry..), Dumbledore will always speak the truth. When it come to guidance and leadership, Dumbledore is an expert. He has also served as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. The Wizengamot is the judicial branch, if you will, of the British Wizarding world. Being Chief Warlock, Dumbledore is extremely well versed in law, and has written several bylaws himself. This gives him the experience to recognize stupid, necessary, and pointless laws. He is also head of a renowned school, so he would have a solution to current education debates and problems. Being head of a large institution also provides him with wonderful leadership skills to keep things functioning and at peace within his parameters. I don’t think anyone can argue Dumbledore wouldn’t make a great President. Especially with Professor McGonagall as his VP!

4)  Me.

Yes, I should be President. All I do is sit around and solve my countries’ problem’s! And I’m always right. I’m totally kidding. But seriously…

5) President Whitmore.

My favorite movie ever, Independence Day, holds the representation of what I wish my favorite recent President was. President Whitmore is far superior to any President in modern history, and I wish he could be plucked out of sci-fi land and dropped straight into the oval office. While he suffers low approval ratings in the beginning of his Presidency, with his crime bill failing to pass and appearing more like the orphan Oliver than a warrior, he drastically improves his standing with his never-ending courage in the face of an alien invasion. Before every decision he makes, he carefully considers what the outcomes would be for his citizens. He enlists the help of people he would not normally side with, aka David Levinson and the ever eccentric Dr. Okun, to figure out a way to defeat the alien forces. Through intellect, smart decision-making, and courage, he and his unlikely team finally figure out a way to eliminate the threat. And in true American spirit, sends our help and solution to other nations. In the end, he delivers hands down the best and most patriotic speech in the history of Presidential speeches. And I quote: “And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice we will not go quietly into the night! We will not go down without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today, we celebrate out Independence Day!” Oh man I just got a little choked up! He was able to get over his differences with others, work courageously and wisely towards a solution, and pull not only American’s together, but most of the world. If that isn’t a damn good President, I don’t know what is.

So that is my list of candidate’s I wish were going to be on my ballot. They all have the qualities’ I’d like to find in my candidate. They are all smart, unique, cooperative, open to seeing other sides, have experience (aside from me of course 🙂 ,) and just want what is best for their constituents. Help me out by writing them in!?