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RP’s forgeign policy lookin’ a little better for ya’?

September 14, 2012 1 comment

Cut off funding to the Middle East and Africa, NOW. Redirect these funds to securing our borders, making the homeland safe, and strengthening our military.  Bring every single American that is anywhere near these areas home NOW. We clearly have NO business being in North Africa and the Middle East. They don’t want our help, they can figure out their lives themselves. This is the last straw, we need to remove ourselves from the picture and focus on us, building our military in the event we need it here at home, and work to make that a non-existent fear.



Depend’s are not for me.

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

“It’s an honor to be here tonight. I speak to you not as a representative of young Hollywood, but as a representative of the many millions of young Americans, particularly young women, who depend on public and nonprofit programs to help them survive.” – Scarlett Johansson.

Listen, my dear ScarJo, you have NO idea what us young women are facing out here. So shut up! You just continue you’re not-so-hard job of getting paid to entertain us and do us all a favor out here and keep you’re weirdly large mouth shut. If there is anyone I DO NOT need lecturing me about why we need to re-elect the worst President in history, it is a bunch of out-of-touch celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, Kerri Walsh, and whoever the hell else thinks they know what they’re talking about in Hollywood. Especially about the plight of women!!! (I think the same of Clint Eastwood, Hollywood just needs to stay out of politics because how can they honestly have any clue what is happening out here in the real world… I mean Clint’s daughter set a 10,000 dollar purse on fire for Merlin’s sake.) HAHA You are kidding yourself if you think Miss Johansson goes to a PUBLIC hospital when she needs medical care! Uh, no. What these people don’t care to understand is that if this President got out of our way out here in the real world, we’d be much better off. If we had a President who was going to continue the Bush-era tax cuts for everyone, deregulate the private sector, and work help the free market grow we would be much better off! We would not have to depend on the President, or anyone on the hill for that matter! We’d be able to feel better about our investments and our businesses. We’d have to give less of our hard-earned paychecks to the feds. If we actually allowed for the private sector to thrive, costs all around would go down, the price of living would be much more manageable, and not to mention the jobs that would be created out of a free flowing market! Wow! Rocket science? Nope! WE DO NOT NEED TO RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT, and to have celebrities telling us we I do, COME ON! Not only was Obama’s speech completely underwhelming, I just grew frustrated by the parade of completely out-of-touch people telling me what to do!

I hate the word depend so much! I work on a daily basis to make myself completely independent! I work on a daily basis to not have to ask for a hand-out, and to not owe anyone anything. By allowing the government into your life, you allow them to have control over it. I cannot think of anyone that actually wants this. Who wants to be controlled? Who wants to be dependant on other people, and rely on others to take of you? Unless you are the laziest person on the Earth, no one!!! The theme of the DNC was dependence. It was a message of you need us, not you can do this on your own and we are going to get out of your way. That is the difference between the two conventions. The Republican’s talked about independence rooted in a strong family, faith and a small government. The Democrat’s talked about how we need them in office to take cares of us, we need to rely on them, and we need to give them another chance.

What it comes down to, my fellow citizen’s, is do you want people in office who are going to get out of your way and allow you to thrive and grow on your own? Or do you want people in office who are going to make it so you rely on them, and become dependent on them? To me the choice is quite obvious, being a strong, smart, and independent women, but I implore you to really think about that difference and make a smart and solid decision.

The real tragedy here…

… is that for the past century or so, we women have been fighting for our own voices, equal rights, and to be taken seriously as intellectual, strong, and capable people. We have been fighting to change the stereotype of a woman from a figure meant to stay at home and take care of the cooking, cleaning and mindless house work to a figure just as able as anyone to enter the workplace, contribute to society and to be looked at as someone who can be dependant on ourselves, and not on a man or an establishment for support. This is the real progress that is being wiped away and set back by this “war on women.” By saying that we women need someone to pay for our healthcare, our insurance, our birth control, our services, and need someone to step in and take care of our costs, is the dead opposite of what we have been fighting for; our independence.  Picketing, trashing the conservatives, and making speeches about how we need the government to fund our medical needs is fighting against the progress we have been trying to make. We are once again demonstrating that the women’s mindset is one of dependence, that we need to depend on the federal government because we can’t take care of ourselves. If we just once, sat back and really looked at what is going on here, us smart and logical women would all be able to see that this is the very oppression we have been fighting against! The government has manipulated these women into once again believing that they cannot take care of themselves and that they need the governments help. These women who are talking like they are so strong and so vocal, are just once again demonstrating that we women need to depend on other’s to take of ourselves. That is tragic. 

If we remove the dependence on the government from the picture, and remove the regulations on the private healthcare sector, and let costs to lower by allowing competition out there in the market, insurance and healthcare can become monumentally more affordable, then, and only then, we can truly be the strong and independent women we think we are right now! Why is this so hard to see? By creating this “war on women,” women have effectively stifled the progress people like me have been trying so hard to push forward even more, to prove finally that women don’t need help, not from a man, not from the government, not from anyone!


So, there has been so much I want to write about lately, that it completely overwhelmed my brain and as a result I just didn’t write anything because I had no idea where to start. So I am going to keep this short:

To sum up my jubbled brain processes of late: I have been completely frustrated that the main issue at hand, the economy and the national debt, has been shoved to the side and virtually ignored. So far the squabbles have been over social issues like this idiotic “war on women,” marriage, and just blatantly attacking and lying about the past records of the opposing candidate. Let me just tell you, politician’s involved in this race, from first hand experience, we the people, DON’T CARE. These are the question’s on our minds out here: What exactly are you going to do fiscally? What is going to be done about the out of control spending? How are we going to get rid of this deficit? Where are the jobs we were all promised? Why is the free market suffering? Is our business going to be able to stay a float? Why is the corporate tax rate higher than anywhere else in the world? What exactly is the government spending my tax dollars on these days? We are all thinking the same thing right now, social issues NEED TO TAKE A BACK SEAT. The real problem here is that we are on the brink of the worst depression we’ve EVER SEEN. Where are the solution’s to that?! What are our leaders going to do to guide us out of the dark and uncertainty that is this economy?

We need to first focus on fixing this awful economy. We need to create jobs, reduce spending, figure out the tax situation, and make progress towards reducing the debt. After those issues have been worked on and we have started down a path to actual recovery, can we bring up the social issues.  

This is actually happening…

Today, we add almost 1.8 million more job-seekers to an already extremely over saturated market. At this time of RECORD unemployment, almost 2 million more people will be searching for a job! And you want to know the kicker, they are all illegal alien’s who have been granted amnesty today. Displaying yet again his disrespect and blatant disregard for the Constitution, Obama will allow these illegal aliens to stay in the State’s for 2 years on what they are calling “deferred action.” The USCIS will today begin accepting applications for these millions of people without requiring an interview or a criminal background check, they just get to stay for two years, with unlimited renewal’s or their “deferred action.”

Yes, people, this is really happening!!! Congress has once again displayed just how incredibly out of touch and crazy they are! This is BLATANTLY Unconstitutional, yet they have not challenged this “DREAM” act since 2010! They have just become content to sit back an accept and blindly follow Obama right through the backdoor, bypassing the Constitution and popular opinion YET AGAIN! The reason why these idiot’s are on the hill and are in Congress is to uphold and protect the Constitution, and reign in the power of the President should he/she become to powerful. WHAT THE HELL is going on here? Congress has a responsibility to make immigration laws. They also have the responsibility to reprimand the President when he BLATANTLY ABUSES EXECUTIVE POWER.  This is illegal! Obama is ILLEGALLY allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to stay! Why does he get all of these free passes??? This is madness! Obvious, crazy, and blatant MADNESS!

All I can do is sit here and hope that the millions of unemployed CITIZEN’S notice these nearly 2 million NEW people also clambering for the job they are after, then feel the salt in their already jobless and pulsating wound when this NEW person will do the same job for much less. Obama DOES NOT CARE about the average AMERICAN citizen. He does not care whether you are employed or not. He want’s to be your ruler, and push you around while handing you things, he want’s to expand the number of people reliant on the government, expand welfare, tell you what healthcare you can have, and regulate your business, and collect your money, and force you to compete with workers willing to work for less pay, and THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL OK WITH THESE THINGSSSS! Why, WHY, are there still so many people who support this DISASTER OF A PRESIDENT?!?! PLEASEEEEEEEE, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME IN THE COMMENTS. Thank you.

War on Women, what?! No.

So I have not been paying any attention to this whole ‘War on Women’ crap cause it just sounds like something some pissed off feminist made up to yell about, but now our dear President is in my state to apparently ‘stoke the War on Women.’ So I had to look it up and do a little research.


So this really is not some war on women at all. This is about spending. Which, apparently, the liberal’s are too dumb to figure out. They are up in arm’s because Mitt Romney has pledged to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I am a woman, annndddd UH DUH! The federal government should NOT be funding ANYTHING let alone Planned effing Parenthood! Apparently, cutting spending is anti-progressive these days. You know what ‘progressive’s,’ go fall off a really high cliff! All you are doing is swelling the debt and the government and making it difficult for normal people to scrape by! If you want birth control, get off your ass, get a job, and pay for it! If everyone just understood that if they stopped relying on the government for healthcare and insurance services the price of everything would GO DOWN because the government would have MORE DAMN MONEY and there would actually be some competition out there in the market place! WHYYYYYY is that so difficult for everyone to understand?! Everyone is looking for a hand out these days, a free pass! It is sad! When did people become so reliant on other’s to take care of them, what happened to self-dependence and taking care of yourself? I mean how lazy have we become that we have spun some ridiculous tale of a ‘War on Women’ in order to obtain free birth control and other “women related healthcare issues?! Like WHAT THE FLUKE (anyone catch that, feelin’ pretty damn clever right now) PEOPLE?! This is getting out of hand. So every time a politician suggest’s cutting spending and reducing the size of the government, we are going to have some new IDIOTIC catch phrase or term for it? I mean ‘War on Women’ for Merlin’s sake. No, ‘War on the debt you idiot’s are racking up for your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren for being FUCKING IDIOTS!’ I think is a much more proper phrase for what is really at work here. And much more catchy, if you ask me. AHHHH!

Haven’t had a good rant in a while.


Take from rich and give to the poor. That’s the Robin Hood mentality, and that is the mentality of the President. Let me explain why that doesn’t work, ever.

To tax anything by definition is to take away something and then give it over to the government. Rich people are rich because they own a lot of shi!t. Asset’s, in other words. Therefor, taxing the rich is taking away their stuff. Who do you know that keeps a million dollars in their bank account? Wealthy people’s money goes into things; business’s, factories, buildings, cars, houses, bonds, stocks, you know, asset’s!  It just does! Contrary to popular belief, 89% of the nation’s wealthy are self-made. The rich own a good portion, actually a great portion, of the non-residential assets in America. These are counted as ‘wealth’, but they are really being used to build the economy, create GDP, and provide jobs. Now the thing is, the greedy federal government does not want these assets, they want cold hard cash up there on the hill. So by raising taxes on the rich, the government is having them liquify their stuff and their buildings and their asset’s. Meaning what really happens is that money that could have gone to create more non-residential assets for the wealthy tax payer (business, buildings, factories, oil wells, etc…) has to be redirected to buy the taxpayer’s already existing assets and the taxpayer in turn has to hand that money over the the government. Government has more money, but a wealthy taxpayer now has less asset’s to use to create jobs and business and so on and so forth. For the past half century or so the relationship between non-residential assets and GDP has been basically the same, and pretty steady. About 1 dollar of non-residential assets creates about 50 cents of gross domestic product. BEA data says that a regular job is usually supported by about 200 thousand dollar’s in non-residential assets. So in other word’s, wealthy people’s non-residential asset’s are essential to creating and sustaining jobs. So, unavoidably, if you tax away 200 thousand dollar’s from a rich person, the GDP will drop by about 100 thousand dollars in a year (because of the 1 to .50 ratio and because wealthy people own most of the non-residential asset’s in the nation), federal money intake goes down about 20 thousand dollars per year because of the loss of income tax collection, and employment will go down by exactly one job. (One job is supported by 200 thousand dollars.) 200 thousand is undeniably more than 20 thousand dollars so you might be thinking the federal government is winning. It is not winning, it is actually losing, a lot. Why? Because to get the 200 grand, the fed had to give up the 20 thousand dollar’s in income tax I was talking about and the current value of 20 thousand is  just around 600 THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s how bad things are! Just to put that into a little bit simpler of an explanation, when the government taxes and takes away 200 grand from a wealthy person, it sinks itself by about 400 thousand dollars. And on top of that, someone is out a job.

I mean, you can’t argue with that.