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War on Women, what?! No.

So I have not been paying any attention to this whole ‘War on Women’ crap cause it just sounds like something some pissed off feminist made up to yell about, but now our dear President is in my state to apparently ‘stoke the War on Women.’ So I had to look it up and do a little research.


So this really is not some war on women at all. This is about spending. Which, apparently, the liberal’s are too dumb to figure out. They are up in arm’s because Mitt Romney has pledged to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I am a woman, annndddd UH DUH! The federal government should NOT be funding ANYTHING let alone Planned effing Parenthood! Apparently, cutting spending is anti-progressive these days. You know what ‘progressive’s,’ go fall off a really high cliff! All you are doing is swelling the debt and the government and making it difficult for normal people to scrape by! If you want birth control, get off your ass, get a job, and pay for it! If everyone just understood that if they stopped relying on the government for healthcare and insurance services the price of everything would GO DOWN because the government would have MORE DAMN MONEY and there would actually be some competition out there in the market place! WHYYYYYY is that so difficult for everyone to understand?! Everyone is looking for a hand out these days, a free pass! It is sad! When did people become so reliant on other’s to take care of them, what happened to self-dependence and taking care of yourself? I mean how lazy have we become that we have spun some ridiculous tale of a ‘War on Women’ in order to obtain free birth control and other “women related healthcare issues?! Like WHAT THE FLUKE (anyone catch that, feelin’ pretty damn clever right now) PEOPLE?! This is getting out of hand. So every time a politician suggest’s cutting spending and reducing the size of the government, we are going to have some new IDIOTIC catch phrase or term for it? I mean ‘War on Women’ for Merlin’s sake. No, ‘War on the debt you idiot’s are racking up for your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren for being FUCKING IDIOTS!’ I think is a much more proper phrase for what is really at work here. And much more catchy, if you ask me. AHHHH!

Haven’t had a good rant in a while.

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