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Obama needs a bail out… HA!

New reports from The Hill say that Obama has a mountain of cash under his campaign, but despite this plethora of funds, he has added several fundraisers. These fundraisers are after the convention during the campaign blitz that is the fall every four years. This is very unusual, most past incumbent’s already have a satisfactory and extremely large amount of money raised by the convention so they can spend the fall hammering the swing states and actually find time to govern. (But Obama doesn’t govern very often, and when he does it is not so much in a democratic way but by way of a monarch, so this won’t be much of a change for him.) Why is he doing this? Because Obama has a knack for BURNING THROUGH CASH. It is estimated that Obama spends between 20 and 25 million dollars a MONTH on the infrastructure of his campaign, and has spent even more than that on ads attacking Romney’s character. Let me just state a few facts for ya’ real quick here. Obama has attended more fundraisers than the past FIVE President’s COMBINED. He has attended one hundred and twenty fundraiser’s in the last six months, and he has met with his jobs council exactly ZERO times during that time. He has attended fundraiser’s with Hollywood stars, aaaand I honestly can’t think of another group that supports him other than just rich liberals I suppose? However, much like he does not understand this fact when it comes to the economy, you cannot spend more money than you have coming in. Obama’s fundraiser’s are coming up shorthanded. I mean, this is just a PERFECT metaphor for the situation we are in. Obama built a campaign he ASSUMED he would be able to pay for, and it turn’s out he can’t. Now he is literally begging donors to bail him out! OHH THE IRONY! I love it. You should see the smug firetruckin’ smirk on my face right now! Teheheheh

  1. July 31, 2012 at 9:56 am

    There should be a bubble rising out his mouth every time he speaks that simply has the word “LIES” in it. Nothing he has said in his political life has been true. Let’s hope the ONLY thing he has said that comes true is his claim that if he doesn’t turn this country around economically that he would be a ONE-TERM president.

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