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Ok I often call out liberal’s for all of the stupid things they say but now I am going to call out someone way on the other side, Rush Limbaugh. Bane and Bain are not the same thing nor was Bane created to insult or discredit Bain. At all.  Bane was introduced by DC comics and creator Chuck Dixon in 1993. In fact, Mr. Dixon is a very conservative man. Bane is not a new character made up by hollyweirdo’s to subliminally insult Bain.  He’s just a good old comic book villain. I didn’t see Rush getting all bent out of shape when Captain America used Red Skull as the main villain in that comic book adaption, seeing he’s the comic version of our current President, power-hungry, communist, and out of touch. Tehe. That might not have supported my point at all I just wanted to say it. 😀 But seriously we need to stop politicizing everything, that’s why America has such huge problem’s right now. To much politics.



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