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I claim discrimination…

This is my angelic and perfect baby bunny BooBoo. Do you see the look on her adorable little face?

That is a look of confusion. Voter registration forms were just sent out, and she didn’t receive hers! Rosie, the black lab (Who, I might add, passed away in 1998) got hers! Scamper’s the cat got one! So did Mozart, another deceased doggy! Where is BooBoo’s? I think that I will file a complaint about discrimination, clearly the federal government doesn’t care about black rabbit’s. They obviously favor dogs and cats over bun buns! Is this because they know that BooBoo is a right leaning libertarian bunny???! Maybe I’ll file a complaint about political discrimination too! And while me and my little ball of perfect fluff are at it, maybe we will sue the State of Colorado! Just for good measure, I mean what’s the point of filing a discrimination complaint without suing someone too. Pointless I say! And when Boo get’s her voter registration form, they better not make her present her ID at the polls! OR WE WILL SMACK ANOTHER LAWSUIT ON YOUR ASS, GOVERNMENT!

(Ok, I can’t stop laughing. Just sittin’ here amusing myself! Ahhh look at her face, so damn cute.)  

  1. paul
    July 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    You go girl!

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