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Hypocrisy going for $40,000!

Since the beginning of the Republican primaries, Obama and his bumbling band of boneheads have been trying to paint Romney as out of touch with “normal” American’s because of his great wealth.

And do you know what the President is doing at this very moment? Jetting off to Hollywood to dine at the home of none other than George Clooney. There will be 150 guests in attendance who paid 40,000.00 dollars for their plate. Yes, FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. If that is not out of touch with what’s normal, well f#ck me sideways because I sure as hell have never contemplated paying 40 grand for anything, let a lone my dinner. 

So at the same time he is accusing Romney of being an out of touch rich person, he is going to dine with 150 out of touch rich people and use their money to further try to tear apart and discredit his opponent.


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